The Laboratory Ermetici & C. produces directly in its own laboratory any type of prosthesis giving special importance to aesthetics (zirconia) and protection (mouthguards, bite) Dental.

Our products are:

Fixed prosthesis:

We manufacture all type of prosthesis, the most common processes such weener composite, ceramic metal, composite inlays to more innovative as ceramics at-melted and ceramics of zirconia.

Jobs are built on precision models with polyurethane resin.


We perform Byte, mouthguards, based on the patient's clinical needs. The total restoration is produced with precision system SR-Ivocap-Ivoclar, so as not to lose the chewing contacts obtained during the tests.

Prosthetics on implants:

The experience gained in the implant industry allows us to adopt any type of implant platform. Each work is constructed using precision milling machines, with the aid of a particular softwer is calculated the plant-prosthetic mean axis (AMI) by distributing the load to the best of mastication.

The abutments can be milled, cast, or completely zirconia according to the need of the clinician.

Performing implants Toronto type or milling and latches.

Combined dentures:

The dentures are made of cobalt-chromium alloy or gold alloy, and use any kind of attacks.

Each type of prosthesis is made with certified raw materials and high quality.

Each processing is performed with the aid of Leica microscope.

For any product not mentioned we are available to meet the needs of the dental practice.