The DENTAL LABORATORY ERMETICI & C. is a manufacturer of medical devices made in writing to the Ministry of Health (Registration No. 01008015 ITCA).

We build any type of dental implants with particular importance to aesthetics.

Our products are 100% made in Italy and more precisely 100% made in Vigevano.

We define the dental technician a craftsman-artist with a passion for their work and the skill of his hands will restore harmony aesthetic and functional the patient's mouth.


The Hermetic laboratory offers the following services:

Valet: is performed directly by the laboratory staff with the utmost punctuality.

studio Assistance: By appointment shade-taking, digital photos with Nikon D-70, aesthetic checks.

phone support: We provide timely telephone support for the resolution of current problems.

Analysis and design of complex cases: We are available for the evaluation of complex cases in order to achieve optimal prosthetic solution.

The Ermetici laboratory is registered with the Ministry of Health as a manufacturer of medical devices to measure (Registration No. 01008015 ITCA).

The works are carried out according to current regulations (Law 93/42) with issue of the declaration of conformity.